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tv   Dr. Ben Carson at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 5:00am-5:21am EDT

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be used for job creation for people on welfare and people who are unemployed. you want to talk about a stimulus that doesn't cost us one penny and does a tremendous amount of good but it also begins to get our businesses, our corporations in the mindset of recognizing that the people around them are resources. and they're resources that need to be developed because we only have 330 million people. china has over 1 billion, india has over 1 billion. e have got to begin to develop them. we've got to develop all of our young people. change our mindset about that. because for every one that we can keep from going down that path of self-destruction, one less person we have
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tends to do more well to do people. all of those things are driving the income disparity. when we have politicians going around talking about let's make college free for everybody all that's doing is driving that gap even further and accelerating the collapse of the system. subsidies.ll how long would it take for that to be fully in effect? >> i think you want to do it over probably a ten-year period because particularly when you talk about renewable fuel standards there are a lot of promise that is have been made that really extend all the way out to 2022. and people have made plans based on those kinds of things. so you can't just pull the rug out from under people. it's the same kind of thing when i talk about welfare reform. a lot of people think i want to
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ge rid of all welfare. what i do want to do is fix the economy to provide the kind of jobs that allow people themselves to move up the ladder and then as we do that as we give people viable options then we start withdrawing the benefits or we make the benefits contingent on working and various things like that. so all this has to be done in a sequential way because we have to take into conversation all he people. >> we'll have more time later. [applause]
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served in his state's assembly and senate and then was elected three times to be governor of
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new york. governor, welcome to the soap box stage. >> thank you. thank you and thank you all for being here and suffering out in the sun this afternoon. it's a little hot. i will try to be as brief as i can, because this crowd, it looks like you have some questions. let me begin with a question of my own you are probably asking. they will be 18 people on this soap box during this state fair. the question is, why pataki? why another one? we have a parade of candidate. i understand that.
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i will try to be as brief as i i'm the only candidate in this entire race in either party who was born and raised on a farm in my hometown of peekskill, new york, lived on a far most of my -- lived on a farm most of my life, and i'm still working with my wife, our family farm in upstate new york today. that sounds great, but what does it mean? any of you live on a farm or work on a farm or grow up on a farm? it teaches you values. one of the things you learn arly on in the farm is words don't matter. if you say you are going to do something, it doesn't mean anything unless you do it very doesn't matter what you say you are going to do. it doesn't matter what you claim credit for having done. the only thing that matters is what you actually do.
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if you cut corners, if you don't do what you say you're going to do, it comes back to bite you and there is no getting around ultimately doing the job well. talk to the candidates who are running for president. you are going to hear a lot good words. i'm going to do this. i'm going to do that. how many of you feel like i do, that it seems regardless of who don't matter. if you say you are going to do gets elected, the government gets bigger, the taxes get higher, the regulatory burden gets greater, and it seems that washington becomes more and more removed from people not just in iowa, but communities across america? that is their government, not our government. we have to take that government back. when i say i'm going to do something like reduce the size f the federal workforce by 15%, cut regulations, throw out a corrupt tax code that serves only the interest of the lobbyists and the powerful and the special interests and lower the rates for everyone, there are others who may say that too. but i did it. i did it as a conservative republican in the state of new ork, one of the deepest blue states in america. with 3 million more democrats than republicans. i say am going to reduce the workforce by 15% in
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washington. i did that in new york state. throw out a tax code that serves the powerful and lower the rates on working families and small businesses and americans across the board. i did that in new york. lowered taxes by $143 billion, more than the other 49 states combined. get people off dependency on government. give them the opportunity to be independent and live the states combined. get people off dependency on government. american dream and get on the employment rolls instead of the welfare rolls. you are going to hear that from a lot of people. i did that. and when i left as new york state governor, we had one million fewer people on welfare than when i took office because e did transfer people from the welfare rolls to the employment rolls, and we had almost
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700,000 more private sector jobs. and by the way, my state assembly -- i'm a conservative republican. there are 103 democrats and 47 republicans in that state assembly. i had to convince them a credit -- to ms. craddick legislators, -- democratic legislators, many of them from new york city, many of them very liberal, to give our policies a chance. we were last in jobs, last in taxes, and over one million people on welfare. i said, give my policies a chance. they gave me the chance and we changed new york state. two other ways we did that, when i took office we were the most dangerous state in america. when i left we were the fourth safest state in america, only a handful of states were safer than we were. i was able to convince democratic legislatures to support my tough on crime policies.
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reduce the influence of the special interests, and those who can afford to have a lobbyist roaming the halls of washington, and give the power back to you, the people in iowa and across this country. i know i can do it because i did it in new york. the second thing, in my background that is unique, and it is something with me everyday, as i was governor of new york on september 11, i felt the horror. i knew victims. when i was leading new york through its recovery on that day with rudy giuliani and george bush, i felt the flames and could taste the air. i vowed then that this country so long as i have anything to say about it was never going to bow down to radical islam again. we were never going to forget the lesson of september 11. that lesson to me is clearer today than it has ever been.
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we thought before september 11 because al qaeda was overseas it did not pose a threat to us in new york. we paid a horrible cost, a horrible penalty for not realizing the threat posed to us in america. today isis poses as large a threat if not greater to america, not just cities like new york but communities across america, and we have got to stand up and defeat radical islam over there before they can attack us here. let me give you two examples. think what happened in this country in the last few months. garland, texas. an american, radicalized by another american would have killed dozens of american citizens but for a texas cop. think of what happened in chattanooga, tennessee. an american radicalized by jihadists killed marine recruiters before he was finally killed.
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we have got to shut down isis or any radical islamic group possibility to recruit, to radicalize, or to proclaim an urge jihad anywhere in the nited states regardless of where that message comes from. i'm a great believer in the first amendment. freedom of speech matters. but you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. you cannot tell a fellow american to kill your other americans in the name of jihad. that's not protected speech. that's a crime. they have to be shut down and arrested whether they are preaching it on the internet, in our prisons, or from the mosques. we have to protect america from
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freedom. and by the way -- by the way -- the response of this administration to our marine recruiters being shot was for them to take off their niforms. america is not going to bow down when i'm president to radical islam anywhere in the world, and certainly not in the united states. our marine recruiters should not be taking off their uniforms. they should be putting on their guns and we will be a lot safer across this country. it's not just enough to ignore the fact that isis has recruiting centers, training centers, planning huts, hundreds of millions of dollars, sophisticated weapons, social network capability and thousands of people with western passports. we have got to destroy their training and planning centers over there before they have a chance to attack us here again. let me tell you what i do first. directly aid the boots on the ground, which this administration is not doing. the kurdish army is fighting isis, but they are not getting the supplies, training, financing and help they deserve from us. the sunni shikhs in anbar don't like isis. they would like to fight them, but they can't get any help
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from baghdad and this administration does not send any aid directly to them. i would do that as president of the united states. we would wrap up our bombing efforts. and if need be, i would send in american special ops to destroy those recruiting centers, those planning hubbs, -- planning hubs, those places where they re organizing to attack us here, destroy them, kill them there, and get out before they have the chance to attack us here. i don't say this lightly. i don't want a 10 year war. i don't want $1 trillion spent trying to create a democracy and -- in a part of the world are one has not existed. i have two sons. my older son when he graduated from college became a marine officer and served as a lieutenant for a year in anbar and iraq. my younger son after college became a lieutenant and served in the 10th mountain division and got back from afghanistan last september.
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i know what is like for a parent to lie awake at night when your loved ones are in harm's way. i also know what it's like to see the chaos and devastation of an attack like september 11 occur right here in america and we can never let that happening -- happen again. we will prevent isis from attacking us here but we will not risk one american life unnecessarily. so, i started out by saying you are going to hear a lot of candidates. they are going to talk about i will do this, i will do that. ask them how are they going to do it, have they done it, and what is the vision as to how they are going to protect america in the 21st century. i have had a privilege of leading one of the great states of america, the state of new york for 12 years. i got elected as a republican conservative three times. i'm the only person ever in the
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history of new york state to run and win as a republican candidate and a conservative party candidate. i got elected by the two largest majorities ever for a republican in the history of new york state, a state where in the last 93 years there have only been two other republicans elected, period, and they were both liberal republicans. i can win this election. i can change washington. i can change america and bring americans together. i did it in new york. i will do it in washington. we are one america. we stand together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. whether it's here in iowa or anywhere in america, we should believe and it should be true that the 21st century is one of unlimited opportunity and the greatest century america has ever had. thank you for listening to me. if we have any time, i'm happy to try to answer a question.
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es, ma'am. >> mr. pataki: she said, thank you for putting up with the iowa son. hey, harry truman said if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. i'm trying to get into the kitchen. the heat doesn't bother me. >> r. pataki: let me repeat that, nancy is an educator in iowa and she loves all the kids of iowa and pointed out how her statistic is 41% of kids in iowa today are growing up poor and how education has always been the great equalizer.
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i can tell you that's true for me and it's something i care about greatly. my father was a mailman. when he went off to the first grade, he could not speak a word of english. my mother had a scholarship to go to cornell, but she had to turn it down because she was the only one in her family working and she was supporting her parents and brothers and sisters. they did not see themselves as victims. when my father went to first grade, his teachers did not see him as someone, he can't speak english, we will put him aside, -- put him aside. they saw him as someone they could teach and help live the merican dream. he lived to see one son become an astrophysicist and one become governor of new york in part because we had great education. so, what we have to do though is in -- is end the monopoly system. you are a teacher and you are going to get mad at me.
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but too often, particularly in minority communities, we have teachers who can't teach, we have schools that had educate, and we track children, children -- schools that can't educate, and we track -- we trap children, children from poor families in schools that we know are going to fail them and their desire to get the education that will allow them to lift themselves up to opportunity. when i was governor of new york, one of the other things i did was i got in place the strongest charter school bill in america, where parents could have an alternative within the public system to take that child out and given the chance to have a different experience where they could learn, and those charter schools by and large are thriving and improving education across new york state and now across america. but we have to told teachers responsible, just as you are in every other profession. i would go further. i would say to a low income parent, if your child is racked -- trapped in a
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government school where that school year after year fails to educate those children, we are going to give you the opportunity to pick another school or another benefit for that child. we do not want that child left behind. that is part of the equation to lift people out of poverty. the other is to have a stronger economy. the biggest impediment to the american economy is not the american worker, the american entrepreneur. we have the best workforce of willing to risk entrepreneurs. everyone of you out there is thinking, i can open a little store. i can have a small business on the side. then you go to fill out the paperwork and the regulatory burdens are so high that you say, forget it. or if you do succeed you get things like obamacare that say if you hire another employee, we are going to penalize you up the wazoo. you give up or you don't grow. when i was governor we had the lowest unemployment rate since they started keeping records in new york. we lowered the tax burden. we repealed thousands of regulations. we got government out of the way. we empowered the american people, and the dream came government school where that eal. just one other thing. iowa is a great ag state, but also a manufacturing state. there's a lot of people in this


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